Bildblog knackt US-Vorzeigemedien

--- Bei David gerade dar�ber gestolpert: Bildblog ist heute gro� in der ">New York Times (mit Foto) sowie in der International Herald Tribune (dort der Originalartikel): Fact-checking is what draws more than 300,000 readers a month to Bildblog, a media monitor that was created in the summer of 2004 and dissects the tabloid reports of Bild, Germany's leading daily, which has a paid circulation of more than 3.8 million. Four journalists with conventional day jobs scan Bild in their off hours to interpret and analyze the tabloid. Bildblog recently did some shallow digging after Bild promoted its exclusive interview with an aging former American soldier, Herbert Lee Stivers, who says he believes that he may have passed poison to the convicted German war criminal Hermann Goering, who committed suicide at Nuremberg with cyanide. As Bildblog quickly noticed, The Los Angeles Times had reported the news a week earlier. H�bsch auch die Reaktion des Springer-Sprechers: "Bildblog is hardly above the threshold of our attention," said Tobias Fr�hlich, a spokesman for Bild's parent company, Axel Springer. "We can't help liking it. It is full of silly assertions, pure nonsense and refreshingly biased stories. Moreover, Bildblog boasts the importance of Bild by calling us the undisputed opinion leader and agenda setter in Germany. What more can one ask for?" Gl�ckwunsch an Christoph f�r den Publicity-Coup f�r das Watch-Blog!