Folter und Psychoterror in Guantanamo Bay

--- Die New York Times enth�llt heute, dass Misshandlungen von Guantanamo-H�ftlingen weitaus verbreiteter sind als bisher angenommen. Erinnerungen an die sadistischen Folterungen von Abu Ghraib werden wach: Many detainees at Guant�namo Bay were regularly subjected to harsh and coercive treatment, several people who worked in the prison said in recent interviews, despite longstanding assertions by military officials that such treatment had not occurred except in some isolated cases. The people, military guards, intelligence agents and others, described in interviews with The New York Times a range of procedures that included treatment they said was highly abusive occurring over a long period of time, as well as rewards for prisoners who cooperated with interrogators. One regular procedure that was described by people who worked at Camp Delta, the main prison facility at the naval base in Cuba, was making uncooperative prisoners strip to their underwear, having them sit in a chair while shackled hand and foot to a bolt in the floor, and forcing them to endure strobe lights and screamingly loud rock and rap music played through two close loudspeakers, while the air-conditioning was turned up to maximum levels, said one military official who witnessed the procedure. The official said that was intended to make the detainees uncomfortable, as they were accustomed to high temperatures both in their native countries and their cells. Such sessions could last up to 14 hours with breaks, said the official, who described the treatment after being contacted by The Times. "It fried them,'' the official said, who said that anger over the treatment the prisoners endured was the reason for speaking with a reporter. Another person familiar with the procedure who was contacted by The Times said: "They were very wobbly. They came back to their cells and were just completely out of it.''

Langsam entsteht ein Bild vom h��lichen Amerikaner, wenn es mit derlei Nachrichten aus Gefangenenlagern weiter geht. Deutsche Agenturberichte u.a. bei Spiegel Online oder der Tagesschau.