Wissenschaftler werfen Bush Manipulation vor

--- Die Bush-Regierung muss sich mal wieder Eingriffe in die Forschung und damit die Kreation eigener Realit�ten vorwefen lassen: More than 4,000 scientists, including 48 Nobel Prize winners and 127 members of the National Academy of Sciences, accused the Bush administration Thursday of distorting and suppressing science to suit its political goals. "Across a broad range of policy areas, the administration has undermined the quality and independence of the scientific advisory system and the morale of the government's outstanding scientific personnel," the scientists said in a letter. The administration has frequently been accused of misusing and ignoring science to further its policy aims. The list of signatures collected by the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests that the issue has become worrisome throughout the scientific community. dministration officials rejected the criticism Thursday, as they did when the same letter was released in February bearing the names of 62 prominent scientists. ... The scientists cited examples of colleagues denied seats on advisory panels, allegedly because of their political beliefs. Dr. Gerald T. Keusch, who left his post as associate director for international research and director of the John E. Fogarty International Center at the National Institutes of Health, said the Department of Health and Human Services had rejected 19 of his 26 candidates for the center's board over three years. Among the 19 was a Nobel laureate who, Keusch said he was told, was turned down because his name had appeared in newspaper ads accusing the administration of manipulating science. ... "There are increasing bits of evidence at attempts at control over the business of science," said Keusch, now the assistant provost for global health at Boston University Medical Center.