Gotteskrieger schie�en sich auf Kerry ein

--- Wie die Dschihad-Watcher vom Northeast Intelligence Network (NEIN) berichten, wird in islamistischen Online-Foren anl�sslich des Parteitags der Demokraten eifrig �ber John Kerry diskutiert. Die Gotteskrieger gehen dabei davon aus, dass der Vietnam-Veteran die Wahl gewinnt -- wollen deswegen aber keinesfalls in ihrem Kampf gegen die Ungl�ubigen nachlassen, im Gegenteil: Baizid Al Awil, postig on the Arena forum, states that Kerry is the more prominent of the two candidates, and is likely to lead the US during the �next period of time�. He states that Kerry �bears to us, the Saudis, a special hatred�, and claims that Saudi Arabia will be a target of attack if Kerry wins the election. He closes his post by stating �Oh Saudis, Oh your hell will come from John Kerry�. Another poster on the Arena forums states the following: �Kerry and Bush are two faces of the same�� Another posting on the same forum claims �And Allah knows that only the weak fear John Kerry. The weak in their religion continue to weaken and follow the dirty John Kerry and his brother George Bush�� And yet another poster starts off �The Jewish John Kerry, candidate for the American Presidency, attacks Saudi Arabia�. The posting emphasizes Kerry�s Jewish roots, citing his grandfather�s name change from Cohen in 1902. It also cites a recent visit by Kerry�s brother to Israel, and speculates that Kerry will be a �pro-Zionist� President. Meanwhile, both the Reform forum and the Qal3ah forum have been focusing on John Kerry�s Jewish ancestry as well, and of the affiliation both Bush and Kerry have with regards to their membership in the �Skull and Bones� at Yale. George Bush is receiving almost universal condemnation on the Arabic language forums as well. If the posts on the forums are any indication of the position of Al Qaeda, it appears that both candidates are equally distasteful to the terrorist organization.

Des weiteren vermeldet NEIN noch, dass ein erstes Bild von der Enthauptung eines der beiden gefangen genommenen Bulgaren auf der "offiziellen" Website von Sarkawis Organisation al-Tawhid wal-Jihad aufgetaucht sei. Ein Video soll folgen.