Blogger f�r Kerry-Nominierungsfeier stehen

--- Die Blogger, die bei der historischen ersten Nominierungsversammlung f�r die K�r eines Pr�sidentschaftskandidaten dabei sein d�rfen, haben ihre Akkreditierung nun bekommen: More than 30 independent Web journalists have been accredited to cover the Democratic convention ... they included the Democratic-leaning Burnt Orange Report, Daily Kos, Pandagon.net and TalkLeft. Jerome Armstrong of MyDD.com also confirmed to The Associated Press that he had been accepted. Bloggers will have the same access as traditional journalists within the FleetCenter convention hall ... bloggers will join radio journalists with workspace in the FleetCenter itself, while other media will be in nearby buildings ... Democrats also will host a breakfast for bloggers on opening day. Allerdings gab es auch Unstimmigkeiten: The Democrats initially invited an additional 20 bloggers to their July 26-29 party in Boston, but later rescinded those approvals and blamed a computer gaffe. That prompted complaints of unprofessionalism and favoritism. Die Republikaner haben inzwischen angek�ndigt, zu ihrer Nominierungsfeier ebenfalls genehme Blogger zuzulassen.