Symbolischer Showdown vor 911-Kommission

--- Bush und sein H�ndchenhalter Cheney wagten sich gestern also endlich vor die 911-Kommission. Vertreter der �ffentlichkeit mussten drau�en bleiben, aber wurden sp�ter vom Pr�sidenten pers�nlich gebrieft. Das Ganze war nach Angaben der New York Times eine H�chstleistung in symbolischer Nichtssagepolitik: The setting for the panel's long-awaited interview of Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, who insisted on talking with the commission together, was orchestrated to take advantage of all of the symbolic power of the Oval Office while making clear that the White House did not consider the meeting to be adversarial. Administration officials said the president and vice president were seated in wing-back chairs in front of the Oval Office fireplace, with the commission members seated on a pair of couches and several wooden chairs in an informal semicircle around them, the day's strong sunlight streaming in from the windows behind them. ... Commission members said after the Oval Office meeting that Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney had offered no startling new information about the Sept. 11 attacks. "There were no surprises," said the panel's chairman, Thomas H. Kean, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, who was named to the position by Mr. Bush. Mehr dazu u.a. in der Washington Post und in Telepolis.

Update: Auf eine gro�e Ungereimtheit der "Verh�rung" weist George Pain von Warblogging.com unter Berufung auf Drudge.com hin. R�tsel gibt auf, dass zwei hochstehende Mitglieder der Kommission das Gespr�ch mit dem Pr�sidenten und seinem Vize einfach vorzeitig verlassen haben: We may never know what transpired in the Oval Office between 9:30 AM and 12:40 PM today. We may never know what caused two extremely senior and seasoned members of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States to walk out of the Oval Office. Were they frusterated with a lack of information from Bush and Cheney? Were they insulted or threatened by the White House council? There's no way to know. There's no record of the meeting. No recording. No transcript. Nothing will be released, ever, not even twenty-five or fifty years from today. ... What we do know, though, is that something happened in that room. There's no other explanation for these two members of the Commission walking out."